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As the owner of Someburros restaurants, I was looking to find a way to convey our 5-year mission to our 450 employees in a powerful way.  As luck would have it, my path crossed with Maya Kogan from Infinity Mind Movies.  When I learned exactly what her company does, I knew it was the perfect solution! Maya was incredibly organized throughout the whole process and made it very easy on our team.  Our time with her was so productive and she led the way with her storyboarding and creative skills. When we got to the finished product, I can honestly say that tears came to my eyes!  The final Mind Movie was more than I ever dreamed it could be and was so impactful when we showed it to all of our employees.  They not only heard and saw our vision for the future, but they could also feel it! I believe this Mind Movie will go down as one of the most important tools we have ever utilized in the 36 years of our company!
Tim Vasquez
Owner and President of Someburros
Emma Beveridge
It was such a pleasure to work with Maya! She is a beautiful soul, full of such positive energy. She has a natural talent for turning your goals and feedback into a personalized, meaningful Mind Movie that is so inspirational. The process she has created to gather the needed information is very simple, taking the hard work out of capturing the energy that you want to feel from your personalized Mind Movie. I look forward to waking up to my Mind Movie and watching it again before I go to bed every day. I also use it as inspiration throughout the day when needed...I am completely inspired by Maya. These make great gifts too! I can not speak highly enough about Maya and the work she does. Just Fabulous!
Rebekah Hogan
Founder, Markah Vida
Maya has been a blessing to me, as I practice visualizing changes that I want to make in my life. She has created two Mind Movies for me, which have been crafted in a way that aligns perfectly with my own ideas and perceptions of my future state. The process was well-guided, and easy, and Maya was gracious enough to make edits until it was perfect in my eyes. She has been a bright light in my world and feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with her.
Stephanie Gebhardt
CFO at MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions, Inc.
Maya created two separate Mind Movies for me to use in support of my practice in visualizing goal achievement. Her process for creating the movies is straightforward, customized and simple. The products are very high-quality, and they're having a powerful impact on my efforts when combined with my taking concrete action steps towards achieving the goals. If you want to leverage an evidence-based means of reaching your desired states, I highly recommend enlisting Maya's services in creating a powerful tool for your use!
Dr. Mike Pelfini
Vistage Chair for CEOs & Key Executives
I worked with Maya to develop a Mind Movie, which was well guided and very effective process. My Mind Movie is having a powerful impact in my life already. Maya has also coached a few members of my family. We all admire and appreciate her extensive training and the immense power of her smile, which demonstrates her sincere and deep commitment to our own growth. I highly recommend working with Maya as a coach and as a partner and producer of your own Mind Movie!
Alejandro Bernal
President and CEO, PetDx
When gifted with the opportunity to work with Maya on my own mind movie, I was thrilled.  Maya began the thoughtful process with a series of questions that triggered me to think about the why, the who, the whats…sometimes the very things I have trouble articulating.  She then encouraged me to send personal images, inspirational photos, as well as favorite songs so she could bring to life what I envisioned.  My mind movie has been so much fun to watch over again, often when I need gentle reminders the most.  It’s serious work but presented in a fun, approachable, and very personal way.
Jen Visosky
Founder, Beauty Mark
Working with Maya was an absolute pleasure! Maya's process helped me create powerful mind movies that are having a big impact on my life every day! Your energy, enthusiasm, and love for others is contagious! I wholeheartedly encourage others to tap into the magic of working with Maya!
Pete Walsh
Master Coach
Easy, effective, and professional. Maya was a joy to work with on both my professional and personal mind movies. Her process is built for ease and flexibility to get you up and running quickly. As for the results, the mind movies are an invaluable part of my morning routine, of setting intention to my day and to my vision. I recommend Maya to all who are open to using mind movies.
Kevin Traut
President, Superior Press
Maya has a real talent for making very powerful Mind Movies. She walks you through the process step by step and makes sure that it's exactly what you want. I couldn't be more impressed. Thank you so much, Maya.
Dr. Jill Philo
ND, PSc.D, FDN-P, CAPP, APPC, Traditional Naturopath; Functional Health Practitioner
Maya Kogan collaborated with Vered in a presentation to our 26th Women in Family Business program and was inspiring, in particular, to the young women in our program. She shared tools, openly shared perspectives and was poised beyond her years in what could have been a very intimidating situation. Having a mother-daughter team present to a program of business-owning families was very special. Thanks, Maya!
Leslie Dashew
Owner, Human Side of Enterprise
Maya is like a magician. Her work - alchemy! If you would like to see, hear, feel, and really know the possibilities for your life, I highly recommend that you work with Maya to produce your own Mind Movie! It's beyond phenomenal! Thank you, Maya.
Dr. Marli Watt
I have been fortunate enough to have worked privately with Maya and LOVED every minute of it. Maya's Mind Movies are amazing and reflect her incredible creative skills that inspire people to live outside their comfort zone and achieve their goals through visualization! Since working with Maya, I have crafted my focus for next year, up-leveled my skills, and increased my confidence by watching my own unique Mind Movie daily. Maya helped bring out the best in me in so many ways and now every day, I get to be inspired and motivated by watching my mind movie at the start of my day and also at the end of my day. It's the perfect positive addition to my morning and evening routine and I'm seeing the results unfold already. If you need motivation to help you to achieve your wildest dreams and goals, then I highly recommend working with Maya!
Deborah Workman
Master Coach
Maya is an incredible entrepreneur who has a clear vision and purpose of helping others realizing their dreams and potentials. Her Charisma and kindness is infectious! Through the Infinity Mind Movies that Maya created for me, my visual and audio senses are transported to a new height. I never imagined it to have such a powerful impact! I use the mind movie Maya created as my daily affirmation. It is like experiencing your future state right here and right now. Maya's artistry and uncanny ability to understand what her clients need make her work product truly exceptional!
Sincia Liu
Executive Director, Board Member, Founder of Non-Profit
Maya Kogan gave me a most wonderful gift in the making of my Mind Movie.  Maya is an in-tune and responsive listener and artfully brought together all of the different elements of my Mind Movie with care and attention to detail. The Mind Movie that she assembled is a powerful tool for planting and nurturing the seeds for the good that I wished to see grow in my life.  I included the Mind Movie into my daily practice and as a result, I have definitely moved through the muddy waters of where I was and am now well into the next season. Thank you, Maya!
Carol Ann DeMilo
Emotions Coach
It was truly a pleasure to work with Maya on my Mind Movie.  She shared a helpful template for me to follow and offered resources for images to use in the movie as well.  Maya has a great talent for gathering information and asking insightful questions, then integrating it all into a meaningful Mind Movie. I am very pleased with the way my Mind Movie came together and I enjoy viewing and experiencing it on a daily basis.  
Lori McCallian
Vice President of Operations at PREVAIL

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