The High-Performance Coaching Program is designed for game changers, high achievers, executives, and entrepreneurs seeking to create extraordinary results. This process is focused on advanced High-Performance strategies that help you achieve heightened and sustained levels of performance, potential, and success in your life. 

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Master the 6 Pillars of High Performance


Your mind holds the key to high performance. To master your psychology, you will learn how to collaborate with your mind to help you level up and achieve your potential. This will improve your relationships, productivity, abundance, and enjoyment of life.


Your physical health affects every area of your performance, including your ability to do your job, enjoy your relationships and hobbies, and live a long, healthy life. You'll learn how to prioritize exercise, healthy eating, and sleep. Doing so will help you be your best personally and professionally.


Productivity is not just about churning out work but about having productive relationships, workouts, conversations, hobbies, and free time. You will learn how to structure your time and focus your attention on priorities in the time you have to gain the freedom to enjoy your life and to serve in a larger way.


When you are present—conscious, aware, interested, and focused in the moment— your results change for the better. Your relationships improve. You complete your work more efficiently and produce higher-quality products. You'll learn how to be more present for greater connection and impact.


When you serve as a positive role model, inspire others, or help people, you use your ability to influence. You will learn how to become more persuasive and influential with others within your team, organization, personal, and social environments. Placeholder text placeholder text


You'll learn how to focus your actions and decisions around fulfilling your purpose by consistently clarifying your “why’ - the reason you do what you do or your purpose. This mission or calling drives you forward to achieve your goals and dreams. Placeholder text placeholder text

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Free High Performance Indicator Assessment

Below is a link to the High-Performance Indicator Assessment. In just 5 minutes, you get 6 scores that tell you how likely you are to succeed over the long term. Based on the world's largest study of high performers.

36 multiple-choice questions correlate with high performance. 29 fast questions determine how you respond versus your peers. 

Note: You will not have to enter your email to access this assessment. Your scores will pop up on your screen at the end. Make sure to take a screenshot of your score because you will not be able to access that page again. 

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"Maya has coached a few members of my family. We all admire and appreciate her extensive training and the immense power of her smile, which demonstrates her sincere and deep commitment to our own growth. I highly recommend working with Maya as a coach"
Alejandro Bernal
President and CEO, PetDx
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