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The Starter Pack

Start strong with our Starter Pack. You'll:

  • Clarify your true desires
  • Release potential inner resistance
  • Craft compelling goals and affirmations
  • Pick inspiring images and motivating music

Step 2:

One-on-One Storyboarding Session

Next, book a 45-min virtual session with our experts to:

  • Refine your vision
  • Build your Mind Movie's flow from start to finish

Step 3:

Receive Your Customized Movie & Optimization Series

Finally, get your customized Infinity Mind Movie live with even more purpose and intention

  • Also, dive into our Optimization Series to master resilience with HeartMath® tools
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What's Included in this package?

  • Unlimited Access to the Starter Pack Series
  • One 45-min Virtual Storyboarding Session
  • Your Customized Infinity Mind Movie (Up to 5 minutes)
  • Unlimited Access to the Optimization Series
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The Signature Experience

Fast-Track Your Success in Just Four Focused Sessions!


Exclusively for high-caliber leaders and entrepreneurs. Our Signature Experience is a fast track to your next level. Benefit from four intensive 60-minute sessions to refine your goals and shatter subconscious barriers. Includes premium access to our Starter Pack and Optimization Series and a customized Infinity Mind Movie.

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"It is like experiencing your future state right here and right now. Infinity Mind Movies have such a powerful impact!"

- Sincia Liu

Executive Director, Comrise

"If you want to leverage an evidence-based means of reaching your desired states, I highly recommend Infinity Mind Movies!"

- Dr. Mike Pelfini

Vistage Chair for CEOs & Key Executives 

"It’s serious work but presented in a fun, approachable, and very personal way".

- Jen Visosky

Founder, Beauty Mark

"Easy, effective, and professional. The Infinity Mind Movies process is built for ease and flexibility to get you up and running quickly".

- Kevin Traut

President, Superior Press

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