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Release resistance that may be holding you back from achieving your goals.

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Build new empowering and purpose-driven beliefs.

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Reinforce your lasting transformational results with your personalized Infinity Mind Movie.

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Transformational Results that LAST


Hear from Kaihan Krippendorf, Business Strategy Speaker and Author 

Sample Mind Movie

Here is a short sample Infinity Mind Movie from a client who had a dream of selling her business and purchasing an oceanfront vacation home in Maui. She used her Infinity Mind Movie to reprogram her mind and focus on what she wants. By doing so, she was able to filter in new information, people, and opportunities to help her achieve her goal.

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With the help of her Infinity Mind Movie, this client achieved her goal.

Here is what she shared:

"It is like experiencing your future state right here and right now. Infinity Mind Movies have such a powerful impact!"

- Sincia Liu

Executive Director, Comrise

"If you want to leverage an evidence-based means of reaching your desired states, I highly recommend Infinity Mind Movies!"

- Dr. Mike Pelfini

Vistage Chair for CEOs & Key Executives 

"It’s serious work but presented in a fun, approachable, and very personal way".

- Jen Visosky

Founder, Beauty Mark

"Easy, effective, and professional. The Infinity Mind Movies process is built for ease and flexibility to get you up and running quickly".

- Kevin Traut

President, Superior Press

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