Our Infinite Love Giving Back Program provides much-needed training and resources on resilience and mindset to empower vulnerable communities around the world.

How it works:

Invest in Yourself

Transform yourself by investing in a customized Infinity Mind Movie, Online Course, or One-on-One Coaching.

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Empower Others

We empower children and families around the world with the tools and resources to have even greater resilience.

Expansive Heart Course

Transform Our Planet

Create a powerful ripple effect of transformation around the world to uplift our planet.

Our Projects

Our Global Projects

Kibera, Kenya

Supporting an elementary school by providing necessary supplies as well as funding a science lab to encourage the growth and transformation of their bright students.

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Trained students at the Will to Live Center, a nonprofit that provides free computer and life skills training courses to people with disabilities, on powerful tools to increase their resilience - including Havening and HeartMath techniques.

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Kibera, Kenya

Building an at-school Havening program that teachers can use with their students to get them centered as class begins and to empower them with a tool for self-regulation (to manage stress/anxiety, regulate the nervous system, and build greater resilience for the future).

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Expansive Heart Course

At Infinite Love, we value empowering individuals with powerful tools to transform their inner world and ultimately their outer world. That's why we offer our Expansive Heart Course free of charge to anyone who would benefit. The goal of this informal course is to help people around the world tap into and expand their own hearts to inspire a ripple effect of expansion around the world.

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Meet Esther, a bright young woman who lives in Kibera, Kenya. Esther hopes to carry on the ripple effect of freedom and opportunity with other young women in Kenya.