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Are you struggling to find a clear direction? Feeling the pressure to pick a college and/or a major? Having second thoughts about your career? Whatever it is, you’re likely seeking something meaningful that aligns with your values. 

No matter where you’re starting, the life you want is absolutely available to you, and we're here to support you throughout the entire process. 

You can expect to gain clarity into what truly matters to yourelieve internal tension, and achieve incredible personal and professional transformationsTogether, we will delve into your innate nature, strengths, potential stressors, values, and emotional well-being. 

Our Career Coaching program is designed for students and professionals who are seeking clarity about their ideal university/career path. 

Package Includes:

  • Receive the MBTI® Step I Report and Career Report
  • Identify your top career values
  • Three 1-hour one-on-one virtual sessions to debrief your MBTI® Step I Report and Career Report, provided by a certified MBTI® practitioner.
  • Free access to the "Inner Harmony" self-paced online resilience course

What Makes Us Different?

We take a holistic approach to career coaching with the understanding that your inner world is a reflection of your outer world. 

On top of our traditional career coaching, we believe it's important to address the underlying emotions and beliefs that may be contributing to your results. Therefore, we offer free access to our "Inner Harmony" online resilience course, which offers tools and techniques to release stress and cultivate greater ease.

For our clients who would like additional support in the form of Resilience Coaching, we begin our coaching program by evaluating your stress and well-being levels using the Stress and Wellbeing Assessment from the Institute of HeartMath. Using your assessment results, we then integrate and practice HeartMath’s leading-edge resilience tools in our coaching sessions to reduce stress & anxiety and increase your overall emotional well-being. 

Optional Add-on: As we near the completion of the coaching program, you may choose to "add on" a customized Infinity Mind Movie to help you lock in the changes that you made and to visualize your desired outcomes. 

The MBTI® Instrument


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is one of the world’s most popular personality tools—because it works. With more than 70 years of science-based, research-based insight, the MBTI assessment is a robust tool for self-awareness and improvement. It provides positive language for understanding and valuing individual differences.

Through a series of questions, the MBTI assessment helps you identify your natural preferences in four areas of personality:

  1. How do you direct and receive energy
  2. How do you take in information
  3. How do you decide and come to conclusions
  4. How do you approach the outside world

Your natural preferences in these four areas sort you into one of 16 distinct MBTI personality types. Understanding these types gives you objective insight that you can use to enhance your professional and personal relationships, as well as your direction, focus, and choices. It also describes how your type affects your career choice, career exploration, and career development.

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